Our Psychotherapeutic counselling Experience

We work in a confidential setting focusing on creating a non-judgmental safe place, where you can express yourself and make your own choices with respect, empathic understanding and acceptance, whilst helping you to identify and explore the issues and difficulties you may be experiencing.  Working integratively means that our approach uses different theories and techniques so that we can specifically combine the most effective therapy for your individual needs and some of the approaches we use include;

  • Humanistic Therapy
  • Person Centred Therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Psychodynamics
  • Solution focused
  • Existential Therapy
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming
  • Transctional analysis
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Motivational interviewing

The therapeutic experience can either be short term and goal focused or open ended all depending on your needs. We focus on helping you explore feelings and emotions that are often related to your experiences, allowing you to reflect on what is happening to you and consider positive alternative ways of making changes to your life. We will support you to view things from different perspectives that can lead to you discovering the different choices you have available. Our aim is to reduce confusion and enable you to cope with the daily challenges that you face and make positive changes in your life where necessary.

Our External Supervisory Experience

We provide clinical and non clinical supervision to individual trainees, qualified professionals and companies. Our sessions can either be delivered individually or in groups. We also design a variety of bespoke training courses and workshops to meet different organisational and individual needs. 

Bespoke External Supervision for organisations

We know how difficult it is for Senior management, Directors or Proprietors to always be present and be given a full picture of what is happening in their organisations sometimes. By providing you with our services we become your eyes and ears whilst upholding your values, ethics and goals between your line managers, staff members and clients. It has been proven that staff members do not always tell their line managers most of the issues that they are experiencing as they fear being judged or being dismissed from their Jobs. This is also evident between line managers and above. We believe that when staff members are valued it also has a positive impact on the clients. A lot of organisations are now resorting to take this pioneering approach of external supervision and solicit our services, as we ensure that they are always kept in the loop of what is happening in their organisation, in a way that does not compromise their staff moral or confidence to express themselves compared to line management supervision. We have devised a supervision program that reduces conflict between staff members, management and clients. This method has proven to lowers staff turn over, potential employment tribunal cases and stops with malpractice as it gives staff members a way of working that empowers them self and values the clients.

Individual Supervision

We offer supervision to individuals that are still in training and those that have qualified as required by their affiliated bodies. Working in the humanities field brings a lot of challenges as our work can impact on our own lives. Sometimes this can be very difficult to distinguish between what issues are our own and those of our clients and this can have detrimental effects on the people around us both at work and at home. A lot of professionals have now started to take an approach of having external supervision as a self care measure. 

We aim to support you and be that non judgmental sounding board you need whilst helping you to improve your practice and your career 

developmental needs. 

Social care and Mental health Consultancy Service

We support organisations in the  Social care sector to be compliant with the (CQC) Care quality Commission regulations. We carry out mock inspections, file audits, service delivery inspections, staff training and help improve both staff and client moral including their well being. As an external organisation we have devised an approach that ensures that the Senior management is given a chance to rectify any possible issues before things go wrong. We have over 5 years experience of executing this service. We have managed to assist organisations to achieve an outstanding rating from the Commission in different domains including well lead.

We also offer a Consultancy services in regards with supporting workers experiencing mental health issues such as depression, stress and any addictions amongst others.

Why Us?

We appreciate that everyone is not the same and a one size fits all approach does not work. Our aim is to provide a tailor made experience according to the needs of our clients, whether in therapy, Supervision, training or social care consultation. We pride in providing a confidential and safe space for our clients to ensure that they get the most out of our services. We are here to give you the time, guidance and support you deserve.

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