Psychotherapeutic counselling sessions

External Clinical Supervision individuals and Organisations

External Clinical Supervision individuals and Organisations


Areas covered include

  • General Stress and Anxiety
  • Work related stress
  • Depression
  • Mental health issues
  • All addictions including; gambling, gaming, mobile phone and social media
  • Drugs and alcohol Abuse
  • Bereavement
  • Post traumatic stress disorders
  • Obessive Compulsive Disorders
  • Low self esteem
  • Couples counselling
  • Attachment disorders
  • Survivors of historic sexual abuse
  • Personal growth, self awareness and self love
  • Parenting
  • Eating disorders
  • Anger issues
  • Divorce
  • Adjustment disorders
  • Self Awareness/Personal growth
  • Emotional intelligence



50 minute session - £50
50 minute couples session - £65

50 minute session for students - £40

Skype and Telephone sessions - Prices availble on request

Concessions for students also available on request depending on circumstances

External Clinical Supervision individuals and Organisations

External Clinical Supervision individuals and Organisations

External Clinical Supervision individuals and Organisations


 External Supervision

Supervision sessions can be with an individual or a small group. As an independent Provider I can provide an approach that is holistic and multifaceted, aimed at helping you as a person as well as a professional. One of the benefits supervision provides is time out for you, and a safe space to 'dismantle' contentious issues, that may be affecting you in your work. This service is for Professionals who work with people, whether you are a Counsellor, Social worker, Community worker or Manager - External Supervision will help you both personally and professionally.

What is external supervision?

External Supervision is an overarching professional support system, outside of your place of employment. It is there to help you work to the best of your ability with your clients. It helps you deal with stress, any trauma that you may have had on the job, workload management, discharging stress about any workplace conflict. You can discuss professional development ideas or issues, which can help you make the most efficient decision for your professional development needs.

Work and Life balance is also an important aspect of external supervision. If you work for yourself (in Human or Social Services) you are welcome to talk and seek clarification about any Practice/Business related issues. Some Supervisee's also bring study issues. Care is also given to the processes that you as a Practitioner may be experiencing on a personal level, working with people brings its complexities.

External Supervision offers you a neutral space, in which to ’download’ and it also provides information, clarity, guidance, challenge, insight and validation for you and the work you do.

Who is it for?

External Supervision is available for employees and individuals working as: Counsellors/ Psychotherapist, Social Worker, Mental Health workers, Nurses, Formal Carers, Disability Service Providers, Support workers and any other form of Human services.

What to expect for individuals

An initial meeting of 30 mins to see if I am the right person for you If you would like me as your external supervisor, we will meet again to discuss our contract. The contract will cover both of our expectations, fees, and what your supervision needs are. If you work for an agency, I will write up another contract which will cover: Fees, a Brief on what supervision will cover, meeting times and frequency. How I will meet their expectations. Having said that, the content of what we talk about in Supervision is treated as confidential unless there a personal safety issues/risks that need to be discussed openly. You can expect, timely, effective, informed and caring supervision from me

You can expect a respectful and safe environment in which to discuss all issues. You will feel, lighter, happier and more confident in your work. That your supervision needs will be met.

What to expect for Organisations

All the above for your individual employees. We will have a three way contract between the employer, the employees and myself. This will highlight issues of confidentiality and expectations by all. We will have an agreement for me to present the employer with an anonymous feedback report on a monthly basis. This will allow your employees to feel free and safe to share any issues that they are experiencing without the fear of judgement or negatively affecting their working relationships. We appreciate that sometimes the truth is not always easy to hear and line managers might to be able to offer a supporting role efficiently especially when an employee highlights things that they could improve on. By separating this role from line managers, this way of working has proved to help improve and change working relations in organisations for the better, as Management/ Proprietors are kept informed of issues that need their attention and also what they are doing well. We become your eyes and ears whilst we also value your employees.


Individual Fees

1.5hrs Supervision Professionals- £80

1.5hrs Supervision Students - £50

 Concessions for students also available on request depending on circumstances


 Organisational Fees

Bundle rates available on request

Bespoke CPD Training workshops

Social Care and Mental health Consultancy

Social Care and Mental health Consultancy


We design bespoke training programs to suit Organisational and Individual needs for their CPD these include workshops like;

  • Alcohol and drugs awareness
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Self esteem and Assertiveness
  • Mental heath awareness
  • Self love
  • Working with Erotic transference in therapy
  • Using the person centered approach
  • Client Assessments, risk assessment and reviews
  • Equality and diversity in the workplace
  • Equality and diversity in therapy
  • Safe working with clients suffering from substance misuse 
  • Person centred Approach for managers/ team leaders / Senior support workers.

We also run Psycho- educational and Process Oriented therapeutic groups for Clients or service users in different organisations such as Rehabilitation units, Supported living/ Sheltered accommodation, Hospitals, Hostels, Prisons, Schools, Nursing homes, etc.


  • Psycho-educational groups provide members with information about specific issues. They may also teach healthy coping skills. These groups are led by a qualified therapist who directs sessions and sets goals. Bonds between group members are less important here, as the therapist provides most of the content through instruction. In this type of group therapy, the therapist takes on the role of teacher.
  • Process-oriented groups focus on the group experience. While the therapist leads the group discussion, they act as a facilitator rather than an instructor. They are careful not to become the center of attention. Group members participate by engaging in group discussions and activities. Sharing in these kinds of activities can lead to a sense of belonging and increased self confidence. In process-oriented group therapy, the group is in charge of their sessions. 


Organisational Fees

 Available on request 

Social Care and Mental health Consultancy

Social Care and Mental health Consultancy

Social Care and Mental health Consultancy


  •  Mock inspections
  • Person centred approach care/ Support planning
  • Risk assessment audits
  • Clinical supervision to support workers/ carers and senior Management
  • Regulation compliance 
  • Kloes
  • Conflict management and resolution for Clients
  • Conflict management and resolution for employees
  • Mental health in the work place awareness
  • Addiction in the work place awareness
  • Policy and procedures reviews
  • Bespoke care planning for complex clients.

Organisational fees available on request

Rates dependant on client numbers / staff numbers